Brief Tour of WordPress 3.2

So if you have been ignoring that notification at the top when you login to your WordPress account, WordPress 3.2 was released in the first week of July. The release, nicknamed Gershwin, is just a few of WordPress’ major updates in the history of the site. Because of the importance of this upgrade, we have decided to give you a quick overview of what to expect in WordPress 3.2.

Interface Design

When signing into your account, you’ll notice that your interface on the account is much different. This is a big change for many users who haven’t seen such an update in a couple of years. The main reason for the upgrade is to try and go in the direction of what other websites are doing, providing a cleaner and less confusing interface that allows you to get the job done. The upgrade wasn’t meant to drastically change how it operates, but the effect does provide a better experience.

Browser Compatibility

If you find yourself loving Internet Explorer 6 so much that you haven’t upgraded from the browser, you’ll find yourself in a sticky situation with WordPress 3.2. The new upgrade doesn’t work with Internet Explorer 6. The solution to this problem is to either upgrade to a newer Internet Explorer or checking out the various other browsers on the market for Windows users today. Some good choices include Firefox, Safari (even for Windows), and Internet Explorer 9.

PHP and MySQL Versions

In a push for a more modern WordPress, older versions of PHP and MySQL just won’t work with WordPress 3.2. Both versions, 4 and below, won’t be compatible with the update. This is not seen as a major problem because a majority of blog owners should have upgraded by now. If you haven’t already upgraded, a quick upgrade to PHP or MySQL 5 or later will mean newer features for your blog and in return, your readers will thank you.

Full Screen View

One really nice feature in WordPress 3.2 is the full screen mode. It is a feature that can be utilized when dishing out long articles. It makes for a distraction-free surface that allows to focus more on work, an environment not always achieved outside of full screen mode. You can enter full screen mode by hitting the screen and arrow toggle in the menu bar. One thing that sets this apart is that it still allows you to change bold, italics, underlining, text orientation and other text changes.

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