5 Security Plugins for Your Blog

Thousands of plugins can be found on the internet for the most powerful content management system – WordPress. You can also find numerous security plugins that will help in keeping your site safe and secure. Such plugins will prevent your site from getting hacked. Hence, it should be one of your priorities to install the best WordPress security plugin on your site to protect the precious content and design present on your site.

Here are some of the well-known security plugins to make your blog secure:

1. Admin SSL

By using private SSL, Admin SSL allows you to secure your WordPress blog URL. Hence, Admin SSL does well in protecting your WP login page, site administration areas, posts, etc. It even lets you decide where Admin SSL should appear.

2. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is a good plugin for protecting your site from various kinds of hacking attempts. It modifies the .Htaccess files of your site and prevents your site from getting hacked or infected by bots. Files like wp-config.php, php.ini and install.php of your blog can be protected with BPS plugin.

3. Limit Login Attempts

Limit Login Attempts is a simple yet very powerful security plugin for your WordPress site. WordPress does not limit the number of login attempts on your login page. This allows hackers to try a combination of passwords to hack into your site. The Limit Login Attempts plugin will not allow the user to login into the site if he has entered wrong password four times. After installing the plugin, you can customize the number of login attempts a user can make before it blocks the user from making another attempt.

4. Sabre

Sabre stands for Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine. What does it do? It prevents bots from spamming your site by creating fake registrations on your blog. When you allow users to make free registration on your blog, there is a high possibility that bots can create fake users on your site which can be very frustrating and annoying. By installing Sabre plugin, you can put to end to this problem.

5. Secure WordPress

Secure WordPress is the best plugin available for you to secure the WordPress installation process. Members on your site whom you have not granted administration rights and your site visitors will never come to know which WordPress version you are using. It can effectively block all the bad queries that can be detrimental to your site.

5 Must-Have Social Media Plugins for Your Blog

For popularizing your blog, it is very important to make use of all the possible internet marketing strategies. One of the best marketing strategies that bring you guaranteed results is social media marketing. It allows your site to receive consistent flow of visitors.

You can find many plugins for WordPress blogs that will help in making the most of social media marketing without hampering the performance of your site. Here are some of them:

1. ShareThis

The ShareThis is one plugin that you should have on your WP site. It lets you popularize your blog on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, Digg, and others. The plugin completely gels with the existing template of your site. The analytic services of ShareThis help in knowing your visitors and tracking reports of social influence of your site.

2. Sociable

Sociable is a very simple plugin that lets you add icons of different social bookmarking sites for each post on your WP blog. When a visitor of your site clicks on any of the icons, he or she will be able to share your site with others and thereby contribute in popularizing your site. Since your site will be shared with others, it will greatly increase traffic to your site.

3. Gregarious

It is one of the best plugins that allows you to integrate and popularize your blog with popular social bookmarking sites. It has got numerous customization features. As compared to the other plugins mentioned above, Gregarious will allow your visitors to share your posts on few but most popular social sites that can guarantee you an increase in traffic.

4. AddToAny

Yet another powerful plugin that lets you popularize your posts by sharing, bookmarking and emailing them on a number of social networking sites. Depending on the browsing history of the visitor, the Smart Menu of the AddtoAny plugin will show the frequently used services at the top.

5. I Love Social Bookmarking

It is one of the simplest WP plugin that adds a drop down menu for sharing your posts on social bookmarking sites. By clicking on the drop down menu, your visitors will be able to vote your blog on various social sites. Since it has a simple interface, it can go well with any theme or design.

Top 5 WordPress Widgets

WordPress is a system that is already simple to use. However, it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of some help to make blogging even simpler of a task to do. Widgets are a great time saver. In addition, widgets help your audience navigate your website even better. In return, a better user experience can equal out to more individuals willing to return.

While widgets are great to have, overdoing it can make the experience worst than how it was in the beginning. Take this into account when looking at this list and go through your current list of widgets and trash those that are useless. Your bandwidth will thank you.

1. Latest Tweets

Twitter is an essential service for every blogger out there. It is sort of like informally blogging while still connecting with your readers. In addition, you can promote your website on Twitter as well. For this reason, I really love this widget. It is easy to use right off the bat and from starting up, your audience can see a few of your recent tweets. Latest Tweets is a great sidebar widget.

2. Recent Comments

One thing that can certainly keep your audience around is being able to get involved in a conversation with others. The best way this is done is in the comments. Having a good, simple but useful recent comments widget on your website is essential in doing this. It allows your readers to know what is currently on the discussion table.

3. Search Engine Keywords Related Posts

Along with conversations, you can keep your readers wanting more by providing them more articles that are related to their interests. This can be done well with the Search Engine Keywords widget. The widget shows related posts that are based on what the viewer searches on the site. The widget relies heavily on the keywords you add to each post as well, so make sure those are clean, simple and savory with SEO keywords.

4. Feedburner Email

How do you expect your audience to get involved if they never know when you have your next post? It would be great if we could be assured that they would check out our website every day, however a nice friendly reminder is great for even the best of them. Feedburner is the best email subscription in the blogging world. Feedburner Email is an essential widget for any WordPress user.

5. Widget Logic

Strictly speaking, this is not a widget. But we have included it in the list since this is a great help for your widgets’ placement.

There are times when certain widgets don’t always work with certain parts of the website. For example, you wouldn’t need a related posts widget in your “contact us” section. Widget Logic allows you to pick and choose where in your site would a certain widget be necessary and where it would not be necessary.

What is your favorite WordPress widget?