Why choose AppThemes: Unravel the truth

Are you looking for making money with the themes of WordPress? Then without wasting your time go with AppThemes. This is the company that has a list of quality themes and offers a complete business solution to any and every customer. The Company was developed in the year 2010 in the month of May. The company was developed by a group of WordPress enthusiasts with an aim of helping other businesses to make money that too online. The size of your business is not at all a matter; with App Themes you can set the WordPress themes without any headache.

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Why choose App Themes

Well, if you talk about App Themes, its themes are being built in a way that they can meet the need of every customer. The themes that App Themes develop are WordPress integrated and they do not require any core up gradation in the future. The specific reasons that the customers rely upon App Themes top get WordPress themes are as follows:

The themes developed by App Themes are user friendly. The themes come with an option of easy-to-use so that being a customer you can setup and manage your own website.

The App Themes have a community for their customers which help the customers to stay updated. Moreover, if the customers have any suggestion or feedback they are free to share.

The App Themes is the only company where innovation is given prime importance. You will find latest technologies are being implemented and the products are backed with innovation.

Therefore, the themes developed and designed by App Themes with WordPress have three qualities. The first quality is that they are easy-to-use and are simple to apply. We have community developed or our valuable customers, this is our second quality. The third and most important thing about us is that we use technologies like WordPress.


The Different WordPress Themes by App Themes

We are now entering into the most interesting phase of our discussion. You will get a clear idea that why should you go with App Themes. We would be talking about the different premium themes that App Themes has to offer to the customers.

  • Ideas – This theme by App Themes is known as productivity theme. This theme will work to bridge communication gap if any. The features that the theme possesses are unlimited categories and statuses, backend listing, threaded comments, email notifications and many more.
  • Vantage – The Vantage theme is one of the simple themes that App Themes have developed for its customers. The key features of the theme are social connect, powerful and flexible pricing plans, user generated reviews and ratings, all details in a single page and many more.
  • Quality Control – The features of the theme are SVN and Git integration, sharing images and documents, unlimited support for projects and many more.
  • Clipper – The different color layouts and schemes, write panel, Advance tracking and link cloaking etc are the features of the Clipper theme.
  • JobRoller – This is the theme designed by App Themes for the employers and job seekers. Transaction loggings, Resume database, auto resize of images are some of the key features of the theme.
  • ClassiPress – The ClassiPress is the theme which has options like advanced search, login in social networks, membership packs, custom forums and fields, different pricing models and many more.

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